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  1. Is there anything i can do at home that costs nothing to grow my penis?
    I want to increase my penis size. But i dont want to take pills or pumps, or spend money. Is there any suggestions on what i should do?

    • You will only have what you were born with. It has grown since you were born, but what you have now, is what you will have forever. Flaccid (soft) length means nothing in comparison to erect (hard) length. Most measurements are erect length.

      Besides sex, penis size & girth have no purpose. The amount of urine you can store is determined by the bladder. Urethral diameter can help void urine faster, but what are you going to do with an extra three seconds( at most)?

    • As a general rule, an animal’s penis is proportional to its body size, but this varies greatly between species — even between closely related species. For example, an adult gorilla’s erect penis is about 4 cm (1.5 in) in length; an adult chimpanzee, significantly smaller (in body size) than a gorilla, has a penis size about double that of the gorilla. In comparison, the human penis is larger than that of any other primate, both in proportion to body size and in absolute terms.

      While results vary across studies, the consensus is that the average human penis is approximately 12.7 – 15 cm (5 – 5.9 in) in length with a 95% confidence interval of (10.7 cm, 19.1 cm) (or, equivalently,(4.23 in, 7.53 in)). The typical girth or circumference is approximately 12.3 cm (4.85 in) when fully erect. The average penis size is slightly larger than the median size (or, put another way, most penises are below average in size).

      A research project, summarizing dozens of published studies conducted by physicians of different nationalities, shows that worldwide, erect-penis size averages vary between 9.6 cm (3.7 in) and 16 cm (6.2 in). It has been suggested that this difference is caused not only by genetics, but also by environmental factors such as culture, diet, chemical/pollution exposure, etc.

      As with any other bodily attribute, the length and girth of the penis can be highly variable between individuals of the same species. In many animals, especially mammals, the size of a flaccid penis is much smaller than its erect size. In humans and some other species, flaccid vs. erect penis size varies greatly between individuals, such that penis size when flaccid is not a reliable indicator of size when erect.

      Except for extreme cases at either end of the size spectrum, penis size does not correspond strongly with reproductive ability in almost any species.

      The longest officially documented human penis was a find by Doctor Robert L. Dickinson. It was (13.5 inches long, 6.25 inches around). An even larger (but unofficial) measurement was obtained in 1969 by Dr. David Reuben (14 inches long). (source: Dickinson, R.L., 1940. The Sex Life of the Unmarried Adult. New York: Vanguard Press).

  2. What is the average length of a 15y olds penis?
    What is the average length of a penis for a 15 year old ? Mine is 7″ ,is this small or about average? And what is the average?

    (Please give your answers in inches) Thanks :)

    • Unlike most of the rediculous information that was given, I will give you proper information. Teen males don’t tend to have too accurate an average penis size as each develop differently at their own pace and age. A male 15 might’ve been in puberty for some time while another males might have just been beginning. Most likely their penis size will alter quite a bit, but it’s not necessarily so. It’s best just to compare to the average adult male penis size, but I will give you both so you can do the comparison yourself.
      Males tend to begin puberty about ages 12-14 and end around age 18-21, depending on when they began. This means that you could be growing anywhere from 3-6 more years. The average adult male penis size is about 3-4 inches flaccid, 5-7 incehs erect and about 4.5-5.5 inches in girht (circumference). You’re in the highest range of average for an adult now and have years left to grow. The average teen penis size is about 2-3 inches flaccid, 4-5 inches erect and about 4-5 inches in girth. You are a good size for your age and should be proud. Don’t let anyone discourage or bring you down.
      If you’re still worried or feel as though you want more information, feel free to research online or at your local library about the Average Penis Size and Penis Growth During Puberty. There are many free resources that will give you the information you need. You can also talk to a trusted adult or father figure in your life about this as males have already gone through this and have probably found much information about this. Females can definitely be of help too. If you wish, you can email or Instant Messenger me with other questions, comments, concerns, etc. I’m always here to help with what I can. Hope this helps.

  3. Why are men insecure if they have a small penis?
    I’m always hearing guys ask questions about “did this stunt the growth of my penis?” or “what can I do to make my penis bigger?”
    seems like size matters more to guys then it does to women.

    • It’s a ‘manhood’ thing.

      The funny part is that when guys see each other, it’s not with erections, but when flaccid. So you really can’t tell how big someone is anyway. But, if you sport a big package, you’re more of a man.

      Now, I will admit that in college, the girls all went for the guys with big units. If you were hung, you were guaranteed getting laid. And that info WAS passed along. And, it’s not like guys sport packages in the same way that girl’s breasts are seen. You pretty much know when you look at a girl what she’s got. It just doesn’t work that way with guys.

      Also, porn tends to skew a guy’s thinking. Guys are much more into porn than girls. And all the porn guys are bigger than average/huge. That’s a poor comparison to the majority of penises that at least I’ve come to know. Most guys are barely what I call ‘average’. But, believe me, average is plenty big enough.

  4. Is there really a way to make your flaccid penis bigger?
    I won’t even consider surgery…too expensive.

    Has anybody tried these exercises? I’m very curious: http://mistermanpower.net/blog/?p=49

    If you have, what results have you gotten? Did it improve your erection size too? Or just flaccid?


    • Simply put, not unless you have surgery, there is a membrane which attaches your penis to the pelvic bone which if cut, allows more of you flaccid penis to hang outside of the body.

      Other than that you might consider trimming your pubes, as excessively long ones can “consume” your penis making it look shorter.

      More importantly here is why you would think you need to have a larger penis than you already have?

      I tried for ages, not an extra millimetre, but not one for quitting, I keep trying to this day 10 years after I started. – LOL

      You might not get bigger but its fun to try!

      Seriously though what makes you think you need a bigger penis?

      I suspect you are one of the masses of young folks these days who do that ridiculous towel dance in the locker room, trying to take their shorts / trunks off underneath their towel, god forbid that anyone see your pee pee.

      The other young guys do the ridiculous towel dance too so you can’t see their pee pee and the only thing you have to compare yourself to is some 26 year old stud in a porno mag who, incidentally was chosen for the job precisely because he has an ABNORMALLY large penis and testicles.

      You need to manage your expectations, I honestly (no kidding here) suggest a visit to your nearest nudist beach or at least take up a sport of some kind and drop the towel.

      The irrational fear is because of the not knowing how you measure up, every guy has a thing about their penis until they find out, by comparison, that they are actually perfectly normal.

      I had a pal at school who confided in me that he was concerned his was too small, when I asked him to show me I nearly fainted, he was about 8.5″

      Honestly, I blame the parents, they make you feel shameful and dirty for being nude when you are a kid and by so doing, albeit inadvertently cause their kids to have hang ups.

      Children who grow up in a nudist environment witness the natural body changes brought on by adolescence, pregnancy, and aging. ~ They have far less anxiety about these natural processes than children who are never exposed to them except through layers of clothing.

  5. Do guys look at other guys junk when they’re in the locker room?
    WHen I go to the gym I shower afterwards, and I feel really self conscious because my penis is very small when flaccid, only an inch or so. I feel like other guys may be seeing it and thinking it’s funny or something and it’s really embarrassing, do guys even look or care? Am I just freaking out for nothing?

    • Yeah, I think guys glance. It’s hard not to see, and even if you’re “straight as an arrow”, our minds are still kinda trained to look at that area.
      So yeah, a fair amount probably see. But honestly, no one really cares. If they’re thinking it about, it’s mainly because they themselves are self conscious and are doing a comparison to reassure themselves. And as men, they all know the “grower, not a shower” thing. It’s something you can’t change, and it only matters what you think. As you get older (I’m just assuming you’re in school still- correct me if I’m wrong), people care even less. Girls will still want you, if that’s your thing, and no, it won’t really be spread around. And if it did, you can easily diffuse it. No worries man. You’re good.

  6. How does a female sex change operation work?
    I know that for guys its just the snippity snip of your wee wee, but what about the women? Do they harvest a penis and they sew it on? Just wondering

    • There are a few ways that individuals born female can change their sex, but it should first be noted that, at least in comparison to male-to-female surgery, female-to-male is considerably lacking, with the end results of even the most extensive surgery often not functioning correctly or looking somewhat ‘off’. Not to mention that it is prohibitively expensive, sot that many FtM’s simply choose to forgo surgery altogether.

      But for those who do want surgery, there are several types:

      1) Masectomy. The most important to most FtM’s, this is the removal of breasts. It can be done various ways, depending on the size of the breasts to begin with (if they’re small enough, the fat can be suctioned away through small incisions near the armpit; otherwise, long cuts will have to be made beneath the breast, the fatty tissue scraped away, the excess skin removed and the skin tightened over the now flat chest. The former is invisible; the latter leaves long visibile scars).

      2) Metoidioplasty. When FtM’s take the male hormone testosterone, their clitorises begin to grow in size and length (even growing a tiny ‘head’ like a biological penis). Though it varies, the new penis (often called a ‘neophallus’) can reach up to three inches, though it’s more often only one to two. For some FtM’s, this may be enough for them, and they don’t take any further steps. But for those who want more, a metoidioplasty is possible. This surgery doesn’t actually increase the size of the neophallus; no extra flesh is added. Instead, it cuts one of the tendons up top on the neophallus to reveal the extra length, so that it hangs lower and looks larger. It will be the exact same size erect, however- it’s only flaccid that it seems to be bigger. Interestingly enough, biological men can get the same surgery- cutting a tendon above their penis- to make it hang lower and look bigger, as well.

      3) Some FtM’s may choose to have a urethral lengthening as well, which extends the urethra through either the neophallus or the phalloplasty (see below) so that they can actually pee through their penises the way that biological men do, rather than still from their ‘vaginas’.

      4) Scrotoplasty. While having a little neophallus is nice, many FtM’s crave testicles, and there is a surgery for that. In a scrotoplasty, surgeons take the labia and stretch them around small, round silicone implants, to create a ballsac and non-functioning testicles.

      5) Phalloplasty. The most expensive and fraught-with-danger surgery, phalloplasty seeks to build an entire penis out of your flesh. While many people think “But why don’t they just take penises and sew ‘em on?”, it’s simply not medically possible. There are so many tiny, intricate blood vessels and other parts to hook up that it’s an amazingly hard surgery, not to mention that any transplant has high chances of the body rejecting it. Not to mention that I’d wonder where in the world you’d “harvest” penises from! Instead, phalloplasties are created from the patient’s own skin- usually from the inner forearm or the thigh. It’s difficult to describe if you don’t have a medical background, but essentially, the skin is rolled and blood vessels are hooked up to keep a healthy flow as the skin heals together, forming an attachment. It creates something similar to- but also significantly different from- a biological penis. It cannot get hard on its own (FtM’s can have an implant put in to let them give themselves an erection at will, however, the same that impotent biological men use), but should have all the sensation a penis ought to, although it obviously won’t be able to ejaculate.

      6) Hysterectomy. Although testosterone will dry up and stop menstruation (the bane of most FtM’s), many still feel that they are not fully male when they have the inner workings of a woman (not to mention that the prolonged exposure to testosterone seems to be related to uterine cancer in FtM who still have their wombs). So many choose to get a hysterectomy as well.

      Hope that helps you better understand!

  7. Place to compare penis pics on the net?
    Does anyone know a good site to compare penis pictures? Over 18 only. I sometimes feel insecure about my size and want to compare against other normal guys and not porn stars.

    • (NSFW)
      This is a good place to see a diversity in erect/flaccid pictures.

      This will give you a couple of comparisons.

      Now that I’ve given a few recommendations, I’d like to say that the average erect length, once everything is done growing is five or six inches. Flaccid length isn’t often the best measurement as there can be a significant difference between growers and showers. Either way, you’re fine the way you are. There’s nothing you can do besides what nature gave you, so love it! I’ve known men three inches that can satisfy their lovers, and I know others who can’t stand it when their lover’s gigantic. Sure, there are size queens but I’m sure that you’ll be just fine. c:

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